sandra miller



  Sandra Miller's original handloom-knitted sweaters, coats and jackets are striking works of art and, at the same time, are extremely well-made, wearable fashions. Made in the complex intarsia style, each garment has a unique design.   
      Sandra's work reflects an innovative mix of influences. The use of asymmetrical shapes and color block combinations reveal the impact of Matisse, Picasso and Kandinsky on her artistic development. The variety of color combinations, textures and yarns convey aspects of oriental and ethnic textiles. Sandra chooses cotton and wool yarns in colors ranging from subtle earth shades to brilliant jewel tones worked on a foundation of black, forming both fabric and shape with strong graphic features.

     Individually chosen bead and button components of glass and natural materials complement the character of each sweater. Three-dimensional roll and knitted embellishments, including cording and free hanging triangles, are hallmarks of Sandra‚Äôs contemporary styling.

     The quality of Sandra's craftsmanship is outstanding and unparalleled in the knitwear industry. Her creations are made to display beautifully and consistently in gallery, show, and boutique settings . . . and, of course, to be worn proudly and comfortably by delighted clients. Only the highest quality yarns are used in the knitwear; the garments maintain their shape and continue to look fabulous even after many wearings and cleanings. A look inside a garment reveals meticulous hand finishing. Loose yarn ends are woven in and buttons well secured.